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Stripe balance in your macOS menu bar

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Requires macOS 10.13+
Updated 13 DEC 2019

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Featured at Hacker News
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Never miss a payment

The simplest way to keep track of your daily Stripe activity. This little macOS app sits in the menubar.


- Built with native code in the latest Catalina macOS
- Multiple accounts support
- Updated (at least) weekly
- The purest and simplest UI possible
- Dark Mode support
- Very lightweight: 5MB app, ~25MB RAM


Notarized by Apple. All sensitive data is stored locally in your encrypted macOS keychain.

Stas Kulesh

"All I wanted is to see my SaaS revenue. All. The. Time."* – Stas Kulesh, Karma*

How to Install Cashbar

1. Download Cashbar from the Apple App Store.
To download the Cashbar app from the App Store, open the App Store and search for the keyword "Cashbar".

2. Download Cashbar from Gumroad.
To download the Cashbar app from Gumroad, open the Gumroad website and go to the Cashbar product page.

3. Install Cashbar.
Once you download the Cashbar app from Gumroad, you can install it by unzipping the file and dragging it into the "Applications" folder. It will prompt a modal because it's not from the App Store.

Cashbar app – Stripe feed tracking on macOS

3. Add your secret key.
To add your secret key, open the Cashbar app and go to the "Manage Accounts" section. Add your account and enter your secret key from Stripe. The secret key can be found in the "Developers" section of your Stripe account or via a direct link.

4. Enjoy!
After adding your secret key, the Cashbar app will display your Stripe balance in the macOS menu bar. You can click on the Cashbar icon in the menu bar to get more detailed information about your balance.

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